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#1 2017-07-14 03:31:53

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La Liga on the 5th Section 29 to continue

Real Madrid rout, Barcelona poise

La Liga on the 5th Section 29 to continue the fifa 18 ios coins contest, Real Madrid, Barcelona win each, but the former usher in 9: 1 rout of the latter is poise.

Barcelona round went away to Celta Vigo, just by virtue of the Catalan team in the second half of a mind Mathieu header nets was difficult to score 1: 0 away third. The home team players Orellana whistle ago to throw turf Busquets was sent off. Currently Barca continue to be 4 points advantage in the standings ahead of Real Madrid.

Sits at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid round of Granada. Bell scored first for Real Madrid, Ronaldo is on a gram, broke a total of five times in the second half, Benzema also has recorded two goals, while Granada players Mainz is sent before the end of the game near Oolong gift.

Granada aspects Ibanez scored a fifa 18 pc coins goal just to save a little face. Real Madrid with 9: 1 rout of rivals in the league standings is still ranked second. The Granada will continue to hover in the relegation zone.Buy fifa 18 coin from now. also here for more fifa updating news. fifa 18 is coming soon!



2017-07-14 03:31:53

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